Option 1: Scanning Package



  • Collection of your photos
  • 2 hours of scanning
  • Delivery of your photos


Here’s what you’ll get with your Scanning Package


We collect your photos

  • We personally come to your home or place of business and collect your photos from you, giving you peace of mind everything will arrive safely to our Photo Helper Scanning Studio.
  • If you are outside the radius of a 45 minute drive from Rosanna VIC we will let you know any additional pick up or delivery charge (before we collect your precious photos).
  • Once we have your gorgeous photos back at our Scanning Studio we will look through everything and provide you with an estimate of how much time we think it will take to scan.

We scan your photos

  • We scan your beautiful photos, loose or in photo albums, as a high quality jpg scan. We scan your photos at 600 dpi. At that resolution the quality is perfect for web use, Photobooks, Slideshows, reprints and backing up. If you think you may use any specific photos for a really large print, please let us know and we will scan those at a higher resolution.
  • All loose photos will be scanned as an individual image and a scan will be made of the full page of each of your photo albums, cover to cover. This way you will have a true copy of all of the details on each page, which often includes priceless handwriting from loved ones. We are also able to isolate each photo (as it is shown in the album) a provide you with individual images as well as the full page scan, if you wish. We can discuss these details and options together.
  • We will run a light colour correction over your photos to help bring back some colour. If you have specific photos you would like us to spend some time tweaking, please let us know and we can provide you with a quote for full colour correction.
  • We can scan any size photo or photo album you have! Our scanners take up to an A3 size, so, if you have anything larger we will take a few scans to fit everything in and then digitally stitch them together for you.
  • If you have other items, such as magazines, scrapbooks, newspaper articles, children’s artwork, negatives, slides, pop them in! We can also scan them for you.

We deliver your photos

  • We place all of your items back into the original boxes or bags we picked them up in, and then we personally deliver your photos back to you at your home or place of work, making sure they are safe every step of the way.

Added Bonus: Our gift to you

  • We know it is important for you to see your photos as quickly as possible! We can upload your photos to Dropbox once they have been scanned, if you would like to see them or use them straight away. If you don’t use Dropbox, we can help you set up a free account.
  • To help store your newly scanned photos and photo albums, we will give you a beautifully labelled USB stick with all of your photos on.
  • We will provide you with a Next Steps Action Sheet to help you safely store, back up and protect your photos and newly scanned images.